Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Kick Off

Welcome. This is the start up of a team of Key Westers who live in the Bahama Village neighborhood and in the Truman Annex neighborhood, who are working together on projects and events for our mutual benefit and enjoyment. The range of undertakings will expand as we brainstorm. All input is welcome.

Note that anyone who feels they have something to contribute, no matter where they live, is welcome to contribute here. All that is asked is that discussion be civil. This forum is only moderated to avoid spam and trolling -- commenters are not locked out based on where one lives or whether the commenter disagrees with the posted topic, as is true with at least one blog of interest to this area.

CATEGORIES: Note that the blog entries will be rigorously categorized to group "threads" for browsing by topic. Using the "Categories" list on the right side of this page you will be able to browse the posts that fall under the listed topic. This is a useful way to "catch up" for those who are new to this blog.

(This will be a placeholder for a few days, keep you eye on this spot for updates!)